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Large Card Holder £45

Massey’s large card holders are great for when you don’t want to take a wallet out. With a slight overlap, they fit two cards per section. 

Silver with Silver

Fuchsia with Orange

Fuchsia with Aqua

Green with Purple

Beige with Taupe

Aqua with Fuchsia

Red with Orange

Navy with Navy

Yellow with Orange

Yellow with Cobalt

Purple with Green

Natural with Fuchsia

Each of the natural wallet's pattern is unique. For more options contact Massey.

Natural with Black

Natural with Cobalt

Black with Fuchsia

Black with Orange

Black with Tan

Black with Natural

Black with Aqua

Cobalt with Fuchsia

Cobalt with Orange

Cobalt with Yellow

Tan with Black

Orange with Red

Available with Cobalt and Fuchsia interiors.

Taupe with Beige

Available with Taupe interior.